Natural Gas Services in Richmond and the Lower Mainland

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Natural Gas Fitting Services

At Apple Plumbing and Heating, we are licensed and insured gas fitting specialists. Natural gas appliances range from stoves to boilers and furnaces to BBQ’s and even other backyard accessories. We’re here to ensure your appliances are safely fitted and working efficiently. We are able to install, diagnose and repair all things gas, including furnaces, boilers and gas fireplaces.

Gas Stove and Appliance Installation

We are fully qualified, insured, and certified to install all natural gas appliances in Richmond and the Lower Mainland. Every gas appliance that we fit is installed to the highest standards and quality. This is to help ensure both energy efficiency and safe use throughout the entire lifetime of the appliance. Contact us to help you in installing your gas stove, fireplace, BBQ or any other gas appliance you’d like for your home!

Gas Leak Services

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous things to occur in any home or commercial property. If you smell gas, go outside and call FortisBC at 1-800-663-9911 or 911. It is extremely important to use a licensed technician for any work related to gas lines.


Gas leaks are generally caused by faulty or poorly fitted appliances that have not been properly maintained. Our team at Apple Plumbing and Heating is here to help fix any gas lea problem that you may have.

How to Deal with a Gas Leak

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, you may have a dangerous gas leak. Follow these emergency procedures:

  1. Turn off the gas supply at the meter

  2. Open all window and doors in order to get fresh air circulating through the building

  3. Avoid using any light switched, or anything electronic, including your cell phone

  4. Do not smoke, use matches, or use anything flammable

  5. Leave your home any of the windows are locked

  6. Call FortisBC or 911

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Apple Plumbing and Heating was started by Jeff Nathu soon after he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. At first, Jeff ran the company as a sole contractor focused solely on plumbing. Over the years, the company has expanded into providing full scale services ranging from plumbing to heating to cooling and anything in between. At Apple Plumbing and Heating, we provide services for both residential and commercial estate. If you need it done, we will be there.

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